General Terms and Rental Conditions 

Definitions: a private individual who mediates exclusively in the process of renting out holiday homes on behalf of the landlords and their representatives. 
The tenant: a person (m/f) who rents a holiday home for themselves and any others in a party in his or her name. 
The landlord: the owner of the holiday home or their representative 
The site: the website 
The rental agreement: agreement to rent (out) a holiday home and deemed to have been concluded between tenant and landlord. 

Booking and cancellation
A booking inquiry of a holiday home from will exclusively occur via online bookings. Receipt will be confirmed with a request for payment of a deposit. 
The deposit should be paid within 7 days after receiving the booking confirmation on the account of 
After receipt of the deposit by, the booking will be confirmed definitely, thereby realising the rental agreement. Therefore, in case of cancellation by the tenant after this confirmation, certain costs will be due. 
In case of cancellation by the tenant within 2 months prior to the date of arrival, compensation of 25% of the net rental price (excluding expenses and security) will be due with a minimum of 80 EUR; in case of cancellation within 1 month prior to the date of arrival, this compensation will amount to half of the net rental price. 
Tenant will take care of a cancellation insurance, if desired. The minimum duration of stay is 3 days. By mutual agreement, a shorter stay with custom date of departure is possible. 

The rental price (including security) will be paid partly in cash or entirely via bank account, as preferred by the tenant. In case complete payment of the rental price via bank account, the deposit amounts to 20% and the remaining payment should be made at least 4 weeks prior to arrival. In case of partial cash payment upon arrival to the caretaker, the advance is 50% with the proviso that no more than 500 EUR can be paid in cash at any given time. In case of cash payment, cheques and 200 EUR bills or more will not be accepted. In case of bookings within 4 weeks prior to arrival with complete payment via bank account, the full rental price is due. In case of non-payment – after the first reminder – the booking will be cancelled without obligation to a refund of any already paid deposit. An earlier departure than planned – regardless of the reason – will not lead to restitution of the paid rental price and cleaning expenses. If is compelled to cancel the rental agreement due to force majeure or (intended) sale of the holiday home, they will notify the tenant immediately via email. is compelled to immediate refund of any payments made. The tenant is not entitled to claim any other amount. 

Security deposit 
The tenant pays a security deposit. The height of the deposit can vary per holiday home and duration of stay. For some houses, the deposit will need to be paid cash upon arrival. The landlord will deduct a certain amount from this deposit if the main tenant, his co-tenants, visitors or accompanying pets cause any damage to the home, inventory and/or surroundings or if the payment obligations have not been fulfilled. The final check for damages will be performed after the departure of the tenant, unless a different demonstrable agreement has been made with the manager. Energy expenses will be deducted from the deposit. This includes the actual gas usage, oil and/or electricity unless explicitly mentioned on the website (i.e. no or other costs).  If, in the opinion of the manager, there is proof of default in case of the self-performed final cleaning, cleaning expenses will be deducted from the deposit.  If after the end of the booking period there is no necessity to withholding under paragraph 2, (the (remaining part of) the deposit will be refunded within 14 days after the date of departure. 

Homes will not be rent out to people under 21 years old. Upon arrival without accompanying adult, entry to the house shall be refused. In case of doubt, the manager may request proof of identification. In case of violation of this rule, the tenant will be summoned to leave the house immediately. Paid amounts will not be refunded. The tenant remains legally liable for any damages caused by them, even if this damage is determined after their departure. The tenant is legally liable for their own acts (or failure to act) as well as the acts of their co-tenants and visitors, as well as any damage they cause. Tenant is required to have liability insurance. The tenant accepts that is not liable for damages caused to the tenant, his co-tenants or visitors, goods or pets during their stay. If necessary, complaints are required to be reported directly to the homeowner. Complaints of the tenant that are the result of the home or inventory not being in accordance with the description on the website or the bad condition of maintenance of the home or garden upon arrival of the tenant will need to be notified to the manager within 24 hours after arrival. The tenant will also immediately notify If a complaint – even after mediation from – cannot be settled out of court within 1 month, there is a dispute. will then be dismissed from its attempt to mediation. The owner and tenant will then be required to settle their difference of opinion between themselves. does not accept any liability, nor can the tenant appeal to liability in case of theft, fire or recourse of the owner of the holiday home against the tenant under, for instance, rental damage. The landlord does not accept any liability for damages that occurred to the tenant and/or his co-tenants and/or visitors or any belongings as a result of their stay in the holiday home or surrounding garden.

Number of people 
The number of people allowed to stay overnight in a holiday home according to the specifications cannot be exceeded for any reason. In case of exceeding, the rental agreement will be considered legally cancelled and the access to the home will be dismissed or refused without refund or compensation. 

Smoking indoors is not allowed in the homes that state this on the website. Smoking in bedrooms is not allowed.

Bringing a maximum number of 2 pets is allowed in the homes that state this explicitly on the website and will be reported by the tenant in advance during the booking process. Tenant is obliged to leave the home free of any hair upon departure, even when final cleaning is done for them. 

Check in and check out times 
Check in is at 4PM. Check out is at 10AM. Tenant is required to keep to these times. If the tenant exceeds check out time, an additional rental period may be charged and all resulting expenses or claims of following tenants will come at the expense of the late tenant.

Responsibilities and obligations 
In order to ensure a proper stay, the tenant is obliged to comply with the guidelines of the tenant and manager and the tenant will be held legally liable for any damages resulting from their unlawful behaviour or not complying with the guidelines or these general terms and conditions. The tenant is obliged to respect the rented home including its interior and surroundings, including the noise level in the direct neighbourhood. The tenant is obliged to grant access to the house or garden for necessary repairs and garden maintenance. The tenant is required to leave behind household equipment such as a washing machine, oven or dishwasher clean and empty. Use of audio, video and household equipment is subject to proper functioning. Specifically for the Watersnip: the tenant makes use exclusively of the municipal rubbish bags (grey and green) for domestic waste and organic waste respectively. Bottles, cans, newspapers etc. need to be brought to the corresponding rubbish containers. In case of failure of or insufficient waste separation, 30 EUR may be withheld from the security deposit, considering this is the fine imposed by the municipality. 

The landlord reserves the right to edit the general terms and conditions. Conditions subject to typing errors.

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